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What are Clear Span Buildings from Grizzly Steel?

Clear-span steel buildings are a type of column-free framing structure that offers wide-open interior spaces without the need for support columns. This pre-engineered construction option is ideal for customers seeking expansive areas, such as those required for metal barns, farm buildings, warehouses, airplane hangars, and commercial structures. The clear-span frame style provides flexibility for diverse end-use applications, resulting in hassle-free utilization of large spaces.


Grizzly Steel specializes in clear-span steel buildings with a robust truss system engineered by skilled professionals. Our buildings are the ultimate solution for industrial, storage, and warehousing needs. With versatile, uninterrupted space, they ensure efficient operations for commercial requirements. Explore our wide range of affordable pre-engineered clear-span steel buildings.


Price may vary based on state, location, and customization. Call us for suitable price. Dont forget to call!
Starting at:

50 Feet


60 Feet


20 Feet


Price may vary based on state, location, and customization. Call us for suitable price. Dont forget to call!
Starting at:

60 Feet


80 Feet


12 Feet


Price may vary based on state, location, and customization. Call us for suitable price. Dont forget to call!
Starting at:

38 Feet


72 Feet


14 Feet

Clear Span Buildings vs. Standard Span Buildings

The span between the wall columns is free from additional support in a pre-engineered clear-span steel building. This means there are no additional beams or struts within the span of the building. The absence of support columns allows the building to stand without any extra structural elements. Clear-span buildings achieve their durability and strength through massive overhead support beams. On the other hand, standard-span buildings are constructed with smaller, weaker beams and rely on posts and columns to provide the necessary support.

The Ultimate Solution for Maximum Versatility

Clear-span metal buildings can be used in almost any environment, such as for commercial or industrial needs, but they also can include agricultural and residential applications.

Commercial & Industrial

Clear-span buildings have immense potential for commercial and industrial use. Their versatile design allows efficient storage of a wide range of items and equipment without any obstructive support beams or columns. With ample height and width, they cater to the diverse needs of various businesses.

Clear-span buildings are versatile and efficient, serving as more than storage solutions. With customizable layouts to accommodate various needs, clear-span buildings maximize space and are ideal for machine shops, manufacturing, and warehousing businesses.

Like a clear-span carport, a clear-span metal building is the perfect solution for those with a fleet of vehicles. Its spacious, open floor plan allows easy maneuvering and accommodates numerous vehicles or rolling equipment. It’s a professional way to optimize your space!

Residential Solutions

Our clear-span carports provide a simple and reliable solution for residential owners with multiple vehicles. Available in triple wide from 26 to 30 feet, they offer ample storage and protection from the elements.

Many homes require additional structures, whether a small storage shed or a larger three-car carport or garage. Optimizing space utilization is convenient and essential regardless of the desired steel building.

Using a two or three-vehicle carport without interior posts or columns is both a safety feature and a convenience. Metal carports with center columns can be time-consuming and troublesome to park vehicles, increasing the risk of scratching or damaging. Opting for a post-free carport eliminates these concerns, ensuring a secure and hassle-free parking experience.

Our clear-span structures are designed to provide secure and spacious garages, enabling you to house your vehicles safely while enjoying the convenience of ample free space. Say goodbye to the restrictions and inconveniences that posts or columns bring.

Homeowners often face the challenge of storing additional assets like recreational vehicles or boats during non-use months. To address this, many owners are turning to clear-span metal buildings for their cost-effectiveness and convenience. Discover the perfect solution for your storage needs.

Agricultural Solutions

Agri-businesses require a range of different-sized outbuildings for efficient operation. The need for housing and maintenance of livestock and the protection of valuable farming equipment necessitates the use of clear-span buildings. These cost-effective and convenient solutions offer a safe and effective storage space for various vehicles and equipment.

Metal clear span buildings are the ultimate solution for farmers who need to store hay efficiently. With their versatile shapes and sizes, these structures provide ample storage space, meeting the farming industry’s critical needs.

Business Storage Made Easy

Clear-span steel buildings provide businesses with a practical, cost-effective, and flexible solution for their growing space needs. With entirely usable interior space, these customized structures can meet the size requirements and enable efficient operation of various functions. Whether for storage or additional working space, investing in a clear-span steel building ensures your business has room to grow!

Other uses for Clear Span Steel Buildings From Grizzly Steel include:

  • Livestock shelters
  • Grain and seed storage
  • Yoga & wellness centers
  • Indoor swimming-pools
  • Indoor sports facilities
  • Factories
  • And so much more!

The Only Choice is Grizzly!

Clear-span steel buildings offer unparalleled advantages and conveniences that provide an extraordinary environment. These buildings create an optimal atmosphere with features like proper ventilation, ample lighting, and reduced moisture. Choose us, Grizzly Steel Structures, for long-lasting, premium quality clear-span metal building structures.

Our buildings are constructed using high-quality materials and feature an appealing design that adds significant value to any property. With clear-span construction, you can have ample additional space without any obstructions, allowing you to use every square inch fully. Erected quickly and efficiently, our buildings provide a seamless solution for those needing immediate space. Experience the convenience and maximize your usable area with our clear-span buildings.

How much does a clear-span building cost?

Multiple factors beyond human control influence clear-span metal building prices. Among the uncontrollable factors are steel prices, labor costs, shipping, and delivery costs. On the other hand, customization, color options, third-party installation, certification, and building dimensions can be adjusted to create a cost-effective, clear-span building. For instance, a clear-span riding arena will cost more than a standard clear-span steel building.

We offer competitive pricing tailored to your needs, considering location, size, style, and custom options. What sets us apart is that we provide delivery and installation services in 42 states nationwide! If budget constraints or upfront payment pose challenges, we offer two convenient options: Rent-to-Own and Financing programs. With flexibility in mind, you also have the option to pay off your building before the contract ends.

What are the benefits of clear-span metal buildings? 

Clear-span metal buildings offer numerous advantages over standard metal buildings. Grizzly Steel Structures provides high-quality clear-span steel buildings that come with many benefits, including:


Clear-span steel buildings offer an economical solution with no support columns required, resulting in reduced building material costs. These maintenance-free metal structures outlast wooden alternatives, providing long-lasting value for buyers.

Durability That Lasts

Grizzly Steel Structures offers top-quality clear-span steel buildings that are built with superior steel and exceptional craftsmanship. Our clear-span steel buildings provide unparalleled durability and longevity. They meet all your requirements without sacrificing internal space by eliminating the need for posts or columns. Trust Grizzly Steel Structures for reliable, spacious, and long-lasting steel buildings.

Seamless Flexibility

At Grizzly Steel, we understand that every client seeking a prefabricated steel building has unique requirements. That’s why our clear-span steel buildings are designed to offer maximum interior space and flexibility, free from any posts or columns. Our pre-engineered steel buildings can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of our clients. You can create a truly personalized solution with a wide range of choices and options. 

Trust Grizzly Steel for professional-grade, customizable steel buildings.

Grizzly Steel Structures: Your Clear Span Metal Building Solution

Ready to upgrade to a top-notch clear-span metal building? Look no further than Grizzly Steel Structures! With years of experience and a stellar reputation, we’re your go-to provider for steel buildings of all sizes and types. Our metal building experts are here to guide you through the process, ensuring you get the perfect fit for your needs. 

Discover our revolutionary ultra-strong, commercial-grade steel framing that endures the harshest weather conditions effortlessly. As industry leaders, our robust engineering guarantees unparalleled metal building delivery times. Explore detailed information on our lightning-fast metal building delivery estimates here.