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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about purchasing, designing,
and installing steel structures from the pros at Grizzly.

Everything you need to know about purchasing, designing, and installing steel structures from the pros at Grizzly.


At Grizzly Steel Structures, we understand that purchasing steel structures can raise a lot of questions, so we’ve compiled some of our most frequently asked questions and answers below.

Whether you’re looking to purchase one of our pre-engineered steel buildings or want a custom steel structure fabricated, our goal is to make the purchasing process as smooth and stress-free as possible. We know that selecting the right building for your needs requires careful consideration, and our team is here to provide guidance every step of the way.

On this page, you’ll find answers to common questions on topics like:

  • How to request a quote
  • What our buildings are made of
  • How long delivery and installation take
  • Payment and financing options
  • The customization process
  • Steps for getting started

Purchasing an industrial steel building is a significant investment, and we aim to provide the information you need to make an informed decision. Please browse our FAQs below or contact us with any other questions.

Our team is happy to explain the purchasing process, provide pricing estimates, and ensure you choose the proper steel structure for your needs. Thank you for considering Grizzly Steel Structures!

Soil, rocks, pavement, cement. Remember, any endorsed designs must be placed on and fixed to concrete. Also, where you want your structure constructed must be flat.

You’ll need at least 3 feet of clearance surrounding the spot for the structure so the installation team has room to complete the setup.

If you need financing, we offer multiple choices based on your circumstances and credit. Once you’ve settled on a price and signed the quote from a Grizzly Steel building expert, a down payment is necessary. Afterward, you pay the remaining balance to the installing maker of the structure.

This is very important! Often, someone wants to cover or enclose a boat or trailer but forgets to account for the entire length, including accessories. For instance, your boat may be 21 feet, but there’s another 2 feet from the outboard motor, plus 3-4 more feet of tongue at the front of the trailer. So you need to cover 26-27 feet minimum. Considering the exact dimensions can prevent issues later and ensure you are fully satisfied with your new metal structure.

In most parts of the US, you’ll need a permit from your local county/city or state government to build the structure. Please check with your municipality’s website or call to learn about permitting rules for your new metal building.

The area must be flat for your structure to be set up properly.

One year for workmanship (depends on location)

Up to 20 years for frame rust through

20 years on sheet metal vertical rust through

Standard is 29 gauge sheet metal (except FL) and 14 gauge 2.5″ square tubing. You can upgrade to 26 gauge sheet metal and/or 12 gauge 2.25″ square tubing.

A down payment is needed when you buy a structure. If your sale is over $15,000, half the remaining balance is due when you schedule the installation.

Our team looks forward to assisting with your metal building project. With years of experience and expertise, we make the process smooth from planning to installation.

Contact us today to start designing the ideal structure to meet your unique needs and space requirements. The possibilities are endless with our custom metal buildings!

Consider options such as dirt, gravel, asphalt, and concrete. It’s important to note that all certified structures must be installed on and anchored to concrete. Additionally, where you plan to erect your structure should be level and balanced.

For optimal installation, it’s essential to have a minimum of 3 feet of clearance around the designated area. This ensures that our skilled installers have ample room to work their magic and deliver a flawless setup.

If financing is required, we provide several flexible choices tailored to your situation and credit history. Once you’ve agreed on a price and signed the quote from one of our Grizzly Steel specialists, a deposit will be required to design and build. Then you will settle the remaining balance with the installing manufacturer before installation.

Often, we encounter individuals who want to cover or enclose their boat or trailer but forget to account for the entire length of the trailer and any additional equipment in the back. Let’s take your boat for example; it may measure 21′, but when you factor in the outboard engine, which adds another 2′, as well as the 3-4′ of the tongue at the front of the trailer, now you’re dealing with a minimum of 26-27′. Taking the time to carefully consider your exact dimensions can save you headaches in the long run and guarantee your complete satisfaction with your future metal structure.

In most regions of the U.S., obtaining a permit from your local county, city, or state government is imperative for constructing your desired structure. To ensure a seamless process for your next metal structure, call your local municipalities or check out their website to acquaint yourself with the permitting requirements.

A crucial step in ensuring a successful structure installation is preparing the ground. Before beginning the assembly process, your site must be perfectly level. This guarantees the stability and longevity of your structure and allows for seamless construction.

Grizzly Steel Structures offers a range of warranties to ensure your peace of mind. Our comprehensive coverage includes a 1-year workmanship warranty (location dependent), providing the highest quality in every aspect. Additionally, we offer an impressive up to 20-year warranty on frame (tubing) rust through and a generous 20-year warranty on sheet metal (vertical) rust through. Rest assured that with Grizzly Steel Structures, you can enjoy exceptional durability and protection for years to come.

At Grizzly Steel Structures, we offer a wide variety of materials to meet your building needs! Our standard options include durable 29-gauge sheet metal (Except FL) and sturdy 14 gauge 2.5″ square tubing. Looking for something even stronger? You have the option to upgrade to premium 26-gauge sheet metal and robust 12 gauge 2.25″ square tubing.

When it comes to purchasing a structure, a down payment is necessary. And here’s an important detail—if your sale surpasses $15,000, you’ll need to pay half of the remaining balance when scheduling the installation of your structure.