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Roof Styles Custom-Tailored To Your Needs

At Grizzly Steel, we understand that every customer has unique needs. That's why we provide you with three versatile roof styles to choose from. You can select the ideal option that suits your preferences based on your budget, specific requirements, and local weather conditions.

Our three primary roof styles include the vertical roof, boxed eave, and regular styles. Although these styles share the A-frame rooflines, the key distinction lies in the orientation of the panels. This ensures that your roof is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

With our range of customized roof options, we guarantee that you'll find the perfect fit for your needs.

Explore our wide selection of barn styles, including Carolina, Seneca, and Horse. These versatile options provide ideal solutions for agricultural storage, cozy animal shelters, and functional farm equipment storage.

When selecting a style, take into account your budget, design preferences, and local weather patterns. With our diverse range of barns, you're bound to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Our Styles

Vertical Roof

Ideal for regions prone to high winds and heavy precipitation, vertical roofs utilize angled paneling to deflect snow, rain, leaves, and dirt effectively. By preventing debris pileups, they ensure a hassle-free and low-maintenance roofing solution.

Vertical roofs offer incredible versatility, serving a multitude of purposes. From providing essential shelter for agricultural and farming equipment to serving as fully enclosed sheds for additional storage space, these roofs are a practical choice.

Box Eave Roof

Boxed-eave roofs provide a robust and cost-effective solution for various carport projects. With the option to leave them open-sided or easily convert them into fully or partially enclosed spaces by adding panels, these roofs offer versatility and functionality.

Ideal for regions with lower precipitation levels and moderate winds, boxed eave roofs are an intelligent choice that balances practicality and aesthetics for any outdoor space.

Regular Roof

Regular roof styles are the perfect budget-friendly roofing options for metal carports. They share a similar shape with vertical and boxed eave styles, sporting smooth rounded corners, sleek horizontal roof panels, and a streamlined exterior without any hat channel, ridge cap, or eave side trim.

Not only are regular roof styles a cost-effective solution, but they also excel in areas with less rainfall and mild to moderate winds. So, if you're looking for affordability and practicality without compromising style, regular roof styles are an excellent choice for your metal carport needs.

Carolina Barn

Carolina-style barns boast Boxed Eaves, A-line roof designs, and horizontal sheet metal. These barns combine durability and functionality, offering the perfect solution for protecting your valuable assets. Moreover, if weather patterns in your local area demand it, you can easily upgrade to a Vertical roof with vertical sheet metal for enhanced resilience and protection.

Seneca Barn

Seneca barns, renowned for their exceptional durability, boast A-frame roof lines, Boxed Eave roof styles, and horizontal sheet metal. Their flexibility to be effortlessly upgraded to a Vertical roof style featuring vertical sheet metal makes them even more impressive. Notably, incorporating cross braces in the roof enhances their resilience, making Seneca barns an ideal choice for regions with high winds or considerable precipitation.

Horse Barn

Horse barns feature distinctive rounded roof lines and horizontal sheet metal, combining aesthetics, durability, and affordability. They provide an economical and easily maintained solution for storing vehicles, equipment, or sheltering animals.