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Financing options Available

Design your own Building

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Metal Buildings in Maine Made Easy

Maine vast sixth-largest state geography offers stunning diversity. Southern Maine basks in a hot desert climate. Northern Maine flourishes with lush forests, mountain ranges, and canyons. With metal buildings ideally suited for any landscape, Grizzly Steel Structures helps you enjoy Maine to the fullest.

In the diverse landscapes of Maine, we’ve got the ideal metal building for you! Whether you need to house livestock on your ranch, store business equipment, or protect your prized RV from the elements, Grizzly Steel Structures delivers. Our custom metal buildings are made to withstand Maine intense climate swings. With styles ranging from barns to garages to commercial buildings, our experts help create the perfect steel structure for your needs. Call today and get the specialized Maine metal building you’ve been searching for!

Trust Grizzly Steel Structures for metal buildings made for Maine unique climate and landscapes.


Construct covered pavilion and patio shelters for a break from the intense summer sun. Our carports allow you to enjoy the outdoors in Maine without harsh exposure.


Provide shade in summer heat and shelter from elements for pets and farm animals with covered, partially enclosed, or fully enclosed barns.


Prevent UV damage and weathering to vehicles of all sizes with garages fitting cars, trucks, boats, ATVs, and more.


Build solid, durable multi-use structures, even emergency hurricane and tornado shelters.


Store larger vehicles and oversized equipment in units certified for high winds with welded trusses, ensuring maximum stability.


Color Planner

Struggling to envision your building? Use our color picker to browse roof, wall, and trim colors with up to 16 options.

Buying Guides

New to the many options metal buildings offer? Use our comprehensive Buying and Installation Guides – available for Metal Workshops, Metal Garages, Metal Carports-RV Carports, and Metal Barns – to educate yourself on critical considerations prior to purchase. Topics include color choices, steel gauge framing levels, size options, roof styles, installation and site prep details, certification factors, FAQs, and much more to confidently equip you with the knowledge to choose your perfect metal building from Grizzly Steel.

Building Visualizer

See your dream building before buying with our Visualizer for Commercial, Triple, Barn, Garage, and Carport models. View basic or all components. Check digital top, front, and side views of your potential structure. Click elements to learn more. Turn dreams into reality with our Building Visualizer!

Service Areas

Grizzly Steel Structures provides metal buildings across Maine, including:

Maine | Mesa | Tuscon | Tempe | Gilbert | Flagstaff | Marana | Scottsdale | Cottonwood | Glendale | And more

Need Permits?

New buildings, additions, and reconstruction may require permits. Verify specifics with your local government.

Why Choose Grizzly Steel?

Local Expertise

Our knowledgeable Maine sales teams are well-versed in local and state building codes and requirements to help thoroughly guide you every step of the way.


Our knowledgeable team of metal building and design experts will collaborate with you to plan the optimal structure tailored to your unique needs at a budget that won’t break the bank.

High-Quality Guaranteed

Grizzly Steel Structures uses only the highest quality materials. Our buildings include a 1-year workmanship guarantee based on your location. We also offer a Limited 10–25-year warranty.

Warranty (Location Specific).

Delivery & Financing

We provide industry-leading delivery options starting at just two weeks for your convenience. Flexible financing options are available as well, including hassle-free rent-to-own plans to make your ideal custom metal building achievable.

Metal Buildings in Maine 

Grizzly Steel Structures provides top-quality metal buildings across Maine. For simple garages, barns, warehouses, or larger projects, our team helps you find the perfect custom metal building. Contact us today to get started on your Maine metal building!

Versatile Maine Metal Buildings

Our high-quality Maine metal buildings suit diverse uses – garages for ATVs, RVs and equipment, horse barns, carports, agricultural barns, and more. With customizable designs, our metal buildings adapt to your changing needs. Rely on Grizzly Steel Structures for maximum versatility.

Maine Metal Building Options

Purchasing a metal building is an important decision. Feel confident by choosing Grizzly Steel Structures Maine buildings. Our options include:

  • Metal Carports
  • Metal Garages
  • Metal Barns
  • Metal Commercial Buildings
  • And more.

Investing in a metal building brings peace of mind and can increase property value.

Rent-To-Own in Maine 

Grizzly Steel Structures offers rent-to-own for easy, fast upgrades. Select from top-tier metal buildings with flexible terms to fit your budget.

We make it super easy to purchase your metal building from Grizzly Steel! Simply:

  • Choose your building
  • Contact sales
  • Apply with us
  • Get instant approval
  • Place order
  • Make down payment

Learn more about our rent-to-own program here.

Custom Metal Buildings from Grizzly Steel Structures

Make your vision a reality with Grizzly Steel Structures’ customizable metal buildings in Maine. Get the metal building tailored precisely to your needs – don’t settle for less. Design your dream metal building with our 3D design tool! Customization options include:

  • Roof style – regular, a-frame, and vertical options available.
  • Color – match your house or stand out!
  • Doors – from walk-in doors to roll-up garage doors, you’ll find the door you need.
  • Windows – choose the size and number of windows.
  • And more!

For more information on what you can customize, check out the 3D design tool or call our team at 877.686.9394