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Premium Triple Wide Metal Carports From Grizzly

Explore the World of Triple-Wide Carports

Discover Your Ideal Style and Application

For detailed guidance or assistance in selecting your perfect triple, simply click on our friendly chatbot at the bottom right of your screen or contact our highly knowledgeable team at 877.686.9394

Why Triple Wide Carports?

Triples, also known as triple-wide carports, are intelligently crafted structures that offer ample coverage for up to three vehicles of different sizes. These units excel in storing farm equipment and providing reliable shelters for animals and livestock and are also perfect for safeguarding sizable watercraft, recreational vehicles, and all-terrain vehicles.

Our top-of-the-line triple-wide metal carports are equipped with a sturdy welded truss system, ensuring unmatched durability and resilience to wind and snow. They also meet all necessary country or city standards.

If you need assistance selecting the perfect triple carport for your needs, simply click on our chatbot at the bottom right of your screen or call our dedicated team at INSERT NUMBER.

Customize Your Triple-Wide Carport

Looking for a carport that offers supreme functionality and style? Look no further! Our triple-wide units range from 26' to 30' wide, reaching heights of up to 20'. Crafted with durability in mind, each unit boasts a meticulously welded truss system.

We provide a multitude of customization options to suit your unique preferences. From colors and finishes to additional features, the power to create your dream carport is at your fingertips.

Experience a range of customization options designed to meet your unique needs:

  • Select from a wide array of colors for sheet metal, screws, and doors.
  • Choose between 12-gauge and 14-gauge galvanized framing.
  • Opt for either 29-gauge or 26-gauge sheet metal.
  • Enhance the aesthetic with gables, garage doors, and lean-tos.
  • Customize side wall panels and fully enclosed walls.
  • Enjoy the convenience of walk-in doors and windows.
  • Explore various side wall panel options, including horizontal, vertical, and lap-siding.
  • Maximize storage space with enclosed utility storage in different positions.

Unleash your creativity and create a structure that reflects your personal style and requirements.

Discover the Versatility of Triple Wide Metal Carports

Picnic Area

Our covered carports ensure that picnic tables stay cool and ready for feasting, no matter the weather outside. Rainy days won't stop the outdoor fun, whether you're picnicking, bar-be-cueing, hot tubbing, or cozying up by a firepit, thanks to Grizzly Steel.


From poolside parties to cozy patio gatherings, our top-notch metal carports offer unrivaled protection against the elements. Shield your guests from the scorching sun, unexpected rain showers, and other unpredictable weather conditions that could dampen your outdoor events.


Discover our versatile metal shelters that offer the perfect solution for storing a variety of vehicles, from oversized farm equipment and RVs to ATVs and boats. You can even convert them into cozy spaces for horse and livestock protection.

For further assistance or guidance in selecting your ideal metal barn, click on our friendly chatbot at the bottom right of your screen or call our team at INSERT PHONE NUMBER.

Triple Wide Roof Styles

Discover our range of Triple Wide Roof metal carports designed to meet your unique needs. With three distinct styles to choose from, we offer versatility, durability, and unmatched protection. Explore the options below and find the perfect fit for your requirements:

Regular Roof Triple Wide:

From 26' to 30' Wide and up to 36' long and 20' Tall, our Regular Roof units feature rounded corners and sleek horizontal sheet metal. While the over 36' long units are seamlessly connected, we must highlight that occasional leaks may occur at the seams.

Boxed Eave Roof Triple Wide:

Upgrade your shelter with our Boxed Eave Roof Triple Wide units! Designed with an A-frame roof line and sleek horizontal sheet metal, these units bring style and affordability together. Choose from a range of sizes, starting from 12' Wide all the way up to 60' Wide and reaching a staggering 20' Tall. For extra space, units longer than 36' are seamlessly connected from end to end. While our units are highly reliable, please remember that occasional leaks may occur at the seams.

Vertical Roof Triple Wide:

With its sleek A-frame roofline and durable vertical sheet metal, this style offers unmatched protection and shielding. Experience the pinnacle of quality with these exceptional units, available in sizes ranging from 12' wide to a remarkable 60' wide while also offering a maximum height of 20'. Looking for even more space? We can easily customize by adding lean-tos.

Grizzly Triples: Quality You Can Count On

Grizzly Steel Structures excels in providing top tier triple wide metal carports that stand out in the market today, thanks to our exclusive partnership with Carolina Carports Inc. Our commitment to using high-quality, "Made in the USA" materials ensures the structural stability and longevity of all our buildings, coupled with low maintenance requirements. We go the extra mile to guarantee your satisfaction, offering comprehensive workmanship satisfaction for up to 1-year, based on your location. Don't forget to inquire about our range of Limited 10- to 25-year Warranty options available.

Our dedicated design and sales teams at Grizzly are here to assist you throughout every step of your building journey. We're always available to provide the personalized support you deserve. Our carports and triples offer endless customization options, allowing you to choose the perfect size, colors, roof styles, and additions. Our carport specialists collaborate with you to deliver the perfect building solution tailored to your specific needs and budget.

Take advantage of our complimentary delivery service, with delivery times starting at just two weeks. Discover the precise delivery times in your area by reaching out to us today.

Our competitive pricing and flexible financing options, including a hassle-free rent-to-own program with no credit check, empower you to secure the right building for your property.